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FAQs regarding Defective Products and Product Verification

How do I report a defective product?

GetPop is dedicated to providing you with a vaping resource you can trust. If you have received a defective product please let us know by providing the following information...

There’s an issue with the verification code on my product.

If the insert and external packaging verification codes do not match, please refer to the manufacturer's guidelines on where to locate the correct verification code.

Why does the packaging or name look different on my vape product?

Packaging changes occur for a variety of reasons at the manufacturer level. We have been advised that design/packaging changes can occur due to the following...

What does the date on my product refer to?

Vape device packaging may sometimes include the manufacturing date of the product, and in rare cases the expiration date. If the manufacturer has chosen to include an expiration date, it will be clearly labeled as such.

Safety tips for handling an auto-firing device.

If you feel a device overheat, or if the device continues to stay active when not in use, immediately take the following precautions:

My disposable tastes bad, burnt or has no flavor.

There are multiple reasons why a disposable device may lack flavor or taste bad/burnt. We've compiled the following list to help troubleshoot your device...

My salt e-liquid tastes bad, burnt or has no flavor.

Salt nicotine e-liquids and flavor formulas are extremely stable. For this reason, we recommend troubleshooting the pod or pod device when experiencing any kind of flavor issue. We've compiled the following list to help troubleshoot your pod/pod devi