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My disposable tastes bad, burnt or has no flavor.Updated a month ago

There are multiple reasons why a disposable device may lack flavor or taste bad/burnt. We've compiled the following list to help troubleshoot your device:

  • Brand new device: Disposable devices sometimes don't have full flavor when they are brand new because the coils need to absorb the e-liquid. The disposable's flavor will typically improve within one day of use. 
  • Dry wick: The wick in a disposable vape device is responsible for delivering the e-liquid to the heating element. If the wick is dry or not properly saturated with e-liquid it can burn, resulting in a corresponding burnt taste.
  • Low battery: When the battery on a disposable device is low, the heating element may not get hot enough to vaporize the e-liquid properly, resulting in a burnt taste.
  • Overuse: If a disposable vape device is used too frequently or for too long, the heating element can overheat and burn the e-liquid.
  • Storage conditions: Disposable vape devices should be stored in a cool, dry place to prevent the e-liquid from evaporating or becoming overly thick. If a device is stored in an environment that is too hot or too humid, the e-liquid can break down resulting in a burnt taste.

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