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I don't see a refund in my accountUpdated 3 months ago

Although most refunds are processed back to your account in 3-5 business days, there are instances where the refund process may not be evident, and the customer does not see the refunded amount in their account. One reason for this is that the original charge was never actually processed and was dropped instead. Let us explain...

When a customer makes a purchase, the payment processor first checks with the bank to ensure that there are sufficient funds in the customer's account and places what is called a "temporary authorization". 

The bank might take up to 24 hours to complete the transaction. If a refund is processed within that timeframe, meaning, before the original transaction is completed, the customer's account is not charged in the first place and the payment processor drops the temporary authorization. In this case, the customer might see a pending charge on their account, but the transaction never goes through, and therefore, you will no see a refund. 

Another reason for a missing refund could be that there is a delay in processing. While most refunds are processed within a few business days, there can be delays due to technical issues or high volumes of transactions. In this case, the customer should wait a few more days before contacting us or their bank to inquire about the refund.

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