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How do I know if a product has been discontinued?Updated a month ago

As soon as we receive notice from a manufacturer that a product has been discontinued, the product will be removed from our site. If the product remains listed as “sold out”, there has been no communication on behalf of the manufacturer that they have discontinued a given product.

Due to the ever-evolving nature of the vape industry, it is common for products to become difficult to replenish in a timely manner. 

Listed below are a few reasons we have been given about why this can occur:

  • Emergence of new technology
  • A change in packaging/design to avoid counterfeiting
  • Production costs associated with a given product change
  • Updates required to remain in compliance with regulatory bodies

Here at GetPop we make it a priority to provide our customers with their favorite products. For this reason, we only remove products from our site when we have been notified that they are discontinued through official manufacturing channels. 

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