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Why is age verification required?Updated 3 months ago

In order to comply with FDA regulations and prevent underage use of vape devices, GetPop is required to verify the age of all of our customers. To do this, GetPop has partnered with, a trusted third-party verification service. AgeChecker uses advanced technology to quickly and accurately verify the age of customers, ensuring that only those who are legally allowed to purchase vape devices are able to do so. 

When making a purchase on the GetPop website, customers will be prompted to upload a valid and up-to-date government-issued ID. Once the customer's age has been verified, GetPop will be alerted and the customer will automatically be able to complete their purchase.

In the U.S. it is illegal for individuals under the age of 21 to purchase or use vape devices. Using a fake ID or the ID of someone else to circumvent this process is considered identity fraud and carries serious legal consequences, including but not limited to criminal charges and/or fines. 

In addition to legal risks, there are also health risks associated with underage use of vape devices. 

*To learn more about AgeChecker and their verification requirements, visit

**The age verification process must be completed upon checkout of your first order. This is typically a one-time only process.

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