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Why hasn't my tracking number been updated?Updated 2 months ago

Tracking numbers generally get updated when a carrier either scans the package as it arrives at their facility or as they load the package onto a truck. Once the carrier scans the package, it can take several days for an update to appear if the shipment is traveling cross country.  We appreciate your patience while your package's tracking number gets updated. 

Please see below for more specific guidance:

"Label created"

It may appear that a package is stuck at "Label created" when it is actually already moving within the network. This can happen when packages are skipped in the scanning process as they are received by the carrier. Common occurrences include when a barcode on the label is deemed too light or blurry, a barcode has been smudged or torn during regular handling, or a carrier is attempting to expedite the delivery process.

"Out for Delivery"

If a package has been marked "Out for Delivery" and has not been updated in the last few hours/days, it may have already been delivered. A customer may be able to check around their home for the package arrival even though it has not been marked as "Delivered" yet.


We have been made aware that on occasion carriers may mark packages as "Delivered" using a batch method based on delivery location.  This issue normally resolves itself within 24 hours.

If 10-14 business days have passed and you still do not see an update on your order, please click here and let us know in the provided form (pictured below) so we can help

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