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What is the difference between menthol and ice?Updated 3 months ago

There is a difference between "Menthol" and "Ice" flavors when regarding vape products:

  • Menthol is a popular flavor derived from mint plants, specifically from peppermint and spearmint oils. When inhaled, it produces a cooling, soothing sensation in the mouth and throat. It is often described as a "minty" or "cool" flavor.
  • Ice is a term used to describe a cooling sensation when vaping. It can refer to a variety of cooling agents, one of which is menthol. Ice however can also include other ingredients that produce a similar cooling effect without the minty taste that accompanies menthol.

Please note almost all flavors are lightly chilled, even if it is not indicated by the name of the flavor. Unless otherwise noted in the name/description of the product, it is best to assume all vape devices have some cooling characteristics. 

*Here are a few brands with devices that are NOT chilled: Monster Bars 3500, STIG, and Bidi Stick 500.

**For anyone who strongly dislikes chilled or menthol flavors, a refillable pod system using e-liquid may be preferred. Unless otherwise indicated, e-liquid formulas reliably lack any cooling effects.

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