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What if my shipment is delayed or stuck in transit?Updated 2 months ago

Shipments may occasionally experience delays during transit. Our shipping partners have provided the following information on shipment delays for your convenience.

Below are the most common reasons for shipping delays:

a) Severe weather, natural disasters, tornados, blizzards and the aftermath left by inclement weather.

b) Forgetting to add apartment number to shipping address.

c) Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays can overwhelm carriers. We recommend ordering in advance during the holiday season.

d) A truck/railroad malfunction or mechanical failure can cause delays in both the delivery of the package and/or tracking information. 

f) Rescheduling or requesting a hold for pick-up. Customers may need to travel to the carrier’s pick-up location to receive their packages.

We ask for your patience with our carrier partners when experiencing delays in receiving your order. We know from experience that the people behind your shipping network work as fast as they possibly can to bring your order directly to your door!

If 10-14 business days have passed and you still do not see an update on your order, please click here and let us know in the provided form (pictured below) so we can help.

*Please note GetPop is not responsible for carrier delays.

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