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What if I need to reschedule my delivery?Updated 2 months ago

There are times when customers may need to re-schedule or request a hold for pick-up with the shipping carrier for their packages. At GetPop it's our priority to ensure you receive your packages as quickly and seamlessly as possible, so we have included the following issues that may arise from rescheduling a delivery:

  1. Re-scheduling a package delivery can cause delays, which can be frustrating for customers eagerly awaiting their packages. UPS has informed us they provide customers with a delivery window. If customers miss the initial delivery attempt they are able to reschedule another attempt within the same delivery window. 
  2. Re-routing or holding packages for pick-up may result in customers having to travel to a UPS location to pick-up their packages.
  3. If the hold for pick-up request is made too close to the scheduled delivery date, it may be ignored by the shipping carrier

*Please note GetPop is not responsible for carrier delays.

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