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Tips for Using Your Refillable Pod SystemUpdated 3 months ago

Refillable pod systems are an excellent alternative to disposable vape devices, and can be incredibly easy to use once you know the basics. We’ve put together the following trouble-shooting guide to get you up to speed and ready to use your new device as quickly and easily as possible.

Tips for using your refillable pod system:

  • Refillable pod systems work like disposable vapes - there is no on/off switch or activation button. Most devices will activate automatically upon use. (If you are using the Caliburn A2, you will be required to toggle on the device by pressing the fire button 5 times in quick succession.)
  • When inserting a new pod, be sure to press down firmly. You may hear a ‘click’ when a new pod is fully inserted.
  • While pods are refillable, the pod will need to be replaced. A pod should be filled no more than 3 times. 
  • When filling a new pod for the first time, let the e-liquid sit in the fully filled pod for at least 30 minutes. This ensures that the pod fully absorbs the e-liquid. Not allowing enough time to pass will result in a burnt pod which will then be ruined.
  • Different mesh coil ohms provide different vaping experiences. Coils with an ohm resistance of less than 1 tend to produce bigger clouds of warm, dense vapor. Coils with an ohm resistance of 1 or greater will generally produce a subtle, cool vapor with more intense flavor.

Refillable Pod Systems:

Vaporesso Osmall 2

  • Available Colors - Gold, Grey, and Silver

  • Compatible pods: Osmall 2 Pods 

SMOK Novo 3

  • Available Colors - Black, Gold, and White

  • Compatible pods: Novo 2 and Novo 3 pods (Please note: The Novo 2 - 0.8 Mesh and Novo 2 - 1.0 Mesh pods are compatible with both salt nicotine and freebase e-liquids. The Novo 2 - 1.4 MTL pod is designed for salt-nicotine e-liquids only.)

UWELL Caliburn A2/AK2

  • Available Colors - Black and Graphite Gray

  • Compatible pods: Caliburn A2 Pods 0.9-ohm and 1.2-ohm 

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